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We are passionate about our philosophy of making high quality, effective fertility treatment accessible for as many people as possible by keeping our pricing affordable.

Fertility treatment fees

When you are thinking about fertility treatment, there are many aspects to consider. The emotional, physical and medical facets of the decision are at the forefront, but the costs of fertility treatment are also a serious consideration. At Westmead Fertility Centre, we provide access to the latest, high quality fertility treatments at affordable prices. We believe fertility treatment should be accessible to all members of the community. Unlike many other clinics, our cycle fees are all-inclusive. If comparing prices between clinics, make sure you ask the clinic to detail the items that will incur additional charges. For example, many clinics charge a separate fee for day surgery, anaesthetics and pain relief, counselling, freezing of embryos, and cryostorage of embryos as soon as they are frozen. At Westmead Fertility Centre, our fees include:

  • planning and management of your cycle by your own fertility specialist
  • coordination of your cycle by our experienced fertility nurses
  • all cycle-related blood tests and ultrasounds performed at our clinic
  • embryologist, laboratory and administration costs
  • all day surgery procedures, including all anaesthetist fees
  • counselling services
  • freezing of any embryos
  • three months complimentary embryo cryostorage

Because we do not charge a separate day surgery fee, you do not need to have health insurance. This means there is no need to pay for ongoing premium payments and waiting out eligibility periods to have fertility treatment at Westmead Fertility Centre. The tables below provide an estimate of your out-of-pocket costs for fertility treatment and associated services with Westmead Fertility Centre. Please note these prices are a guide only, and subject to change.

NEW PRICING: We are working with the NSW Government to make IVF more accessible.

Fertility treatment and fees are current as at 18 February 2020

Treatment Fees Payable Prior to Treatment
IVF Cycle (including embryo freezing and 3 months cryostorage) $1,000
ICSI Cycle (including embryo freezing and 3 months cryostorage) $1,150
Genetic Testing (in addition to IVF or ICSI Cycle Fee)
PGS $5,538
PGD $6,565
PGD Work up $1,770
PGS / PGD $9,591
Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) Cycle $765
Ovulation Induction (OI) Cycle $554
with IUI $795
Ovulation Tracking $228
Cryostorage per month $22
Known Donor Work-Up Fee (excludes cycle fees)
Known sperm donor work-up $2,450
Known oocyte (egg) donor work-up $1,750
Known embryo donors work-up $1,750

Please return Patient Medicare Cheques to:  Westmead Fertility Centre, Reply paid 86093, Westmead NSW 2145.

For more information on what you should be aware of when comparing clinics, read this Choice article about IVF costs

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Quoted fees include GST where applicable and are subject to change without notice. Fees for medications are not included. We recommend Medicare card holders budget approximately $200 for medication per IVF or ICSI cycle. ^ Medical related fertility preservation limited to Medicare rebatable conditions and additional monthly storage fees apply.^^Excludes carrier screening up to $US350. All quoted fees relate to Medicare card holders who are residents of NSW. If you do not hold a Medicare card or live outside of NSW, please contact our clinic for further information about relevant costings.
Medicare and health funds

Medicare and Health Funds

Many fertility treatments are eligible for a rebate from Medicare. To claim the applicable Medicare rebate, you will require a valid referral from your GP or specialist to your Westmead Fertility Centre fertility specialist. In addition to receiving the standard Medicare rebate for fertility treatment, you may also be eligible for the Medicare Safety Net rebate. This is a scheme introduced by the federal government to assist you with your medical out-of-pocket expenses from all medical treatments outside of a hospital setting. An out-of-pocket expense is commonly referred to as the ‘gap’ amount between the fee you pay for treatment and the applicable standard Medicare rebate. Once you have reached the Medicare Safety Net threshold for out-of-pocket expenses in a calendar year, Medicare will pay you an additional amount. Safety Net rebates are ‘capped’ for some fertility treatments, which means there is a limit on the Medicare Safety Net rebate you will receive. The value of the Medicare Safety Net threshold is generally adjusted by the government each year. Individuals are automatically registered for the Medicare Safety Net, but there are benefits of registering with Medicare as a couple or family. You can access more information and check your status at or by visiting a Medicare office. We are very fortunate in Australia to have support from our government for fertility treatment in the form of Medicare rebates and the Medicare Safety Net. There are no restrictions on the number of Medicare supported fertility treatment cycles patient can have in Australia, and the Medicare Safety Net is not means-tested.

Please return Patient Medicare Cheques to:  REPLY PAID, PO Box 304, Westmead NSW 2145.