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  • Embryology-Westmead-Fertility-Centre

    Inside the Embryology laboratory at Westmead Fertility Centre

    A standard IVF cycle begins with the female partner starting ovarian stimulation, carefully managed by a fertility specialist.  The goal of ovarian stimulation is to produce more eggs (oocytes) than are normally produced during a natural cycle.  At the end of the stimulation, all the oocytes are collected through a…
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  • covid-july-16

    COVID-19 Update 16 July 2020

    Considering the recent unfortunate outbreak of COVID-19 in Victoria, and increasing cases of community transmission here in NSW, we are asking our patients to be extra cautious at this time.  Unfortunately, many of the COVID-19 NSW hotspots have started or spread via visits to hotels, pubs and restaurants, so we…
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  • westmead-ivf-nsw

    Working with the NSW Government to make IVF more accessible

    We are excited to be working with the NSW Government to make fertility treatment even more affordable at Westmead Fertility Centre. An IVF cycle, including embryo freezing, 3 months cryostorage and day surgery, will now cost patients only $1,000 at Westmead Fertility Centre. All Medicare cardholders who are NSW residents…
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